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Cosmetic Dermatology

Laser Wrinkle Treatment

SmartSkin+™ Laser Wrinkle Treatment for More Youthful Skin

Why does skin look aged and wrinkled?

Skin’s age and appearance is determined by the two layers of the skin. The thin visible surface layer epidermis, that becomes thinner as we age and the thick layer just beneath the surface called the dermis. The dermis is made of collagen and elastin what supports and gives shape to the outer layer. Collagen is the main structural component vital to the way our skin appears, providing firmness and shape. The loss of collagen and elastin as we age makes the skin seem less full and youthful.

Effective, long lasting wrinkle reduction for more youthful rejuvenated skin

Brandon Dermatology can rejuvenate and restore your skin’s youthful appearance using our new advanced resurfacing Smartskin+™ laser treatment. The Smartskin+™ CO2 laser from Cynosure, the leader in aesthetic lasers; laser offers exceptional results for fine lines, deep creases and uneven skin tone on your face, neck and hands. Unlike many alternative treatments your results can last years with the proper skin care and protection. Also unlike a facelift or other drastic treatment you will still look like you – only better and back to your normal lifestyle in a few days. The Smartskin+™ CO2 laser also allows us to completely tailor the treatment to your needs and your expectations.

Smartskin+™ CO2 laser delivers micro pulses of fractional energy beams into the skin. These energy beams penetrate the skin to remove old and damaged skin cells. This treatment triggers your skin to naturally build new healthy cells to replace the cells that have been taken away. The laser treatment also stimulates the production of new collagen deep with your skin, giving you a more youthful appearance. Just one treatment will result in more youthful skin appearance, an improved tone and smoother texture. Smartskin+™ CO2 laser rejuvenation uses micro pulses creating only tiny holes that will quickly heal resulting in a significantly shorter recovery time than with fully ablative lasers.

Smartskin+™ CO2 laser has immediate restoration, improvement in texture, skin tone and rejuvenation of fullness that occurs over time. After a few days you will see a more even skin tone, smother skin texture and healthier looking skin. Because this laser uses deep micro pulses, over time your collagen will regenerate and restore the supporting structure, dermal layer of your skin. Restoring this supporting structure of your skin will provide continuing results for months after treatment. The results can last years with the proper skin care and protection with Smartskin+™ CO2 laser treatment

What is the Smartskin+™ CO2 laser rejuvenation treatment like?

After treatment your skin will feel warm and may have a slightly red appearance similar to sunburn. The entire face can be treated in less than 30 minutes. Afterward you may see some redness and swelling that resolves in a few days.

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